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Auto Body Safety Services

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Protect your family, the integrity of your car and your vehicle investment by taking advantage of the following services; some are even FREE!Schedule Auto Body Estimate

  • Airbags and seat belts (supplemental restraint system)

Replacing your deployed airbags and testing to be sure the system is functioning correctly is critical after a car accident. Some vehicle manufacturers also specify replacement of stressed seatbelts after an accident. For these important safety items, we provide original equipment manufacturer replacement parts, and resetting of the electronic systems and diagnostic lamps.

  • Headlamps, taillights and bulbs

Headlamps and taillights can be replaced with original equipment, recycled, or aftermarket – often we do this more cost-effectively than a dealer or mechanic. We can also replace most bulbs while you wait, and we aim headlamps.

  • FREE – Light safety inspections

Stop by for a free inspection of all your vehicle exterior lights. If you need a replacement bulb, we can usually do this while you wait.

  • FREE – Pre-purchase inspections

Save the expense and frustration of purchasing a poorly-repaired vehicle. Our free inspection includes checking the vehicle’s paint and body to detect any previous repairs that may compromise the vehicle’s integrity or safety.

  • Suspension

We carefully check this part of your vehicle when there is impact to the components and can replace collision-damaged and worn-out parts.

  • Wheel alignment

We can provide thrust angle or 4-wheel alignments including computerized printouts.

  • Loaner cars

In some circumstances we can get you a car at little or no cost. Call us for details at 503-257-9255. Limitations and restrictions apply.

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