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Top Halloween Safety Tips for Kids

Halloween at Fix Auto Portland East

Happy Halloween from Fix Auto Portland East!

Kids love Halloween — they get to dress up and get free treats — what a perfect holiday for them!

Here are some tips to help kids be safe on Halloween night!

  • Never go into the house of a stranger or ring their door bell unless an adult you know is with you and say it’s okay.
  • Look in both ways before crossing the street. If you’re the big brother or sister, hold the littler kids’ hands and obey crosswalk signals if present.
  • If you are an older kid or young teen going out with friends, make sure that your parents know where you’re going and who you’re going with. This may seem like a pain, but they are your parents and they love you. They just want you to be safe.
  • If you can drive and are taking a bunch of friends to a party, make sure that you have enough gas to get there. You don’t want to run out on a dark street, all alone, like a bad horror movie!
  • If your parents give you a curfew, stick to it. It builds trust between you and them. If you are going to be late, call them and let them know why.
  • Vandalism is never cool! Throwing eggs at cars and houses is not cool. Plus it ruins the paint where the eggs hit! Someone has to clean it up and it could be you, if you get caught. Think about how you would feel if someone did that to your house  or car you worked hard for.
  • Hurting cats and other animals is never acceptable behavior! It’s illegal in most places to hurt or torture animals and punishable by law, you should never hurt a helpless living thing.

Have fun on Halloween but keep it safe, show your parents they can trust you for many Halloweens to come! Showing them how responsible you can be will give you a feeling of pride and ultimately may give you more privileges.

Get out and trick or treat and get back home safely. If you drop by our shop, we’ll have a treat waiting for you.


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