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May is Bike Safety Month

May is National Bike Safety Month, and Fix Auto advocates for careful commuting, whether your ride has two wheels or four.

As the number of bicyclists on our roads increase, Fix Auto encourages mutual respect while sharing the road.

May Bike Safety Month, Kids Bike Helmet Safety & FitWear a helmetIt is the single most effective way for you to prevent head injury when in a crash.

Follow the Rules of the Road - Both drivers and cyclists are vehicle operators and must follow traffic laws, including obeying traffic signals and signs. The law requires cyclists, when riding in the street, ride in the same direction as vehicular traffic.

When passing allow three feet of space between cyclists and carsDrivers and cyclists need to respectfully share the road. Watch for cyclists before opening a vehicle door, pulling away from the curb and when turning. Likewise, cyclists need to keep their own visibility in mind by not getting too close to vehicles as that can make it even more difficult for the driver to see them.

Blind spots deserve special attentionDue to the size and the location of bike lanes, cyclists can often get lost in a driver’s blind spot. It’s critical to double check before changing lanes, turning or opening a car door – remember some bike lanes in Portland are on the passenger door side! Cyclists must ride defensively and be aware that even the most attentive driver may not see them.

Put common sense to good useWhen the weather is bad, both drivers and cyclists need to give each other extra room. Cyclists need to take responsibility for being seen by wearing brightly colored and reflective clothing, using a front headlight and a rear flashing light, reflectors and reflective tape on clothing and equipment, especially at night so drivers can see them.

Teach a child about bicycle safety – it could save their life.

Child helmet fitting video:

Happy Motoring and Cycling,


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