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Customer Testimonials, Reviews – Wow!

I’m so proud of our team for taking care of our customers!

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Customer Survey Completed Shop Representative Year Make Total Amount
“They did a very good job.”
May 28 2010 12:23PM William Bray 1999 Volvo $1,968.50
“They did a really great job my car was very clean and very communicative.”
May 27 2010 3:51PM David Hanson 2005 Chrysler $1,742.00
“It was smooth as smooth could be.”
May 26 2010 9:37AM David Hanson 2003 Toyota $1,599.20
DAVID & Marlene
“The quality of the work. The communication.”
May 26 2010 8:20AM David Hanson 2001 Volkswagen $2,888.59
“They were very courteous. The did a good job.”
May 25 2010 9:42AM David Hanson 2009 Chevrolet $3,308.37
Randall from BRIGHTWOOD, OR
“They did excellent work!”
May 24 2010 4:30PM William Bray 2002 Toyota $4,556.13
“They have great communication and service.”
May 24 2010 2:12PM William Bray 2003 GMC $561.59
“The shop’s customer service was great.”
May 24 2010 8:32AM David Hanson 2005 Mazda $2,965.57
Melissa & Seth
“We really liked them they were very friendly.”
May 22 2010 10:44AM David Hanson 2003 Honda $633.66
“Fair Quick and friendly.”
May 21 2010 2:15PM David Hanson 2007 Subaru $1,969.03


Thanks to all of our wonderful customers!

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