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65 Years of Auto Body Excellence

We just published a book celebrating our 65th anniversary.

Special thanks go out to all of our great customers.

Three generations of the Eber Family carry forward the tradition of excellence in terms of vehicle auto body repair and maintaining a healthy local family business. You’ll see an historical overview and get to know the people behind the company at Fix Auto Portland East.

We’re still the same folks you already know and trust in Roth & Miller Autobody.

Check it out, we’d love to hear from you!

65 Years of Excellence 1946 to 2011

Happy Motoring,
Camille Eber

One Response to “65 Years of Auto Body Excellence”

  1. Dear Camille,

    All I can say after reading this is Wow!

    What a wonderful story of your beautiful family and family business. It is so touching to see and feel the bond and dedication you all share. I hold special in my heart the interaction I have had over the years with you, your Dad Jim, your brother Robert, and William your nephew.

    Your shop always has and still does look so so clean, organized, and professional. I never knew your Mom very well, but I can sure feel and see her compassion and influence in you and your beautiful, well run collision repair facility, after reading your awesome book.

    You should be proud of all the focus and dedication that resides under the roof of Roth & Miller Autobody, aka Fix Auto Portland East.

    All the best, and God bless you and yours,

    Richard B.

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